…. about ITCASS



The goal of the ITCASS is to serve as a focal point for members of EUROTOX interested in immunotoxicology, chemical  allergy and  food allergy through educational activities that emphasize fundamental development and application in immunotoxicology,  chemical allergy and food allergy, planning and execution of  scientific programs, and in particular, workshops and symposia held during the EUROTOX annual congress.


In addition, the section seeks to promote immunotoxicology as a discipline by:


  • increasing our understanding of the impact of xenobiotics on the immune system
  • increasing our understanding of the mechanisms of immunomodulation, and
  • encouraging  the development of new methods and  techniques to improve risk assessment


ITCASS Officers include the President, the Secretary, and two Councilors. The term of each Officer is three years. All Officers are chosen among ITCASS members and are elected by ITCASS members by mail voting.