Immunotoxicology and chemical allergy specialty section (ITCASS) meetings are small and informal meetings that bring together scientists working in the field of immunotoxicology. The aims of these meetings are to enable scientists to present their research in progress, to stimulate discussions between different experts in the field and to enable scientific collaborations within Europe. The 1,5 day will cover the following topics: contact and respiratory allergy, drug allergy/autoimmunity, food allergy, alternative testing strategies in the field of immunotoxicology, immunosuppression.

The program will feature talks from submitted abstracts, and keynote lectures.


Last news :


> The diner will take place in Pharamond Restaurant :

> Pr François Huaux (Université Catholique de Louvain) has accepted to give a keynote lecture "The hidden face of monocytes in fibrosis and cancer induced by inhaled particles"

> Pr Charlotte Esser (University of Dusseldorf, Germany) has accepted to give a keynote lecture "Benign or malign: AHR between toxicology and immunology" .

The meeting will start at 10 am Thursday November 17th 2016 and will end at 5 pm Friday November 18th 2016.